How to Place an Order is a 100% secure encrypted on-line shopping environment. To purchase products, simply use the navigation bars that are on both the left-side and top of every page to find the products you are interested in. Once you see a product you would like to order, enter the quantity you would like into the quantity field and then click the “”Add to Cart”” button. Note that, for cut yardage, you can order in whole increments. Repeat this process until your shopping cart contains all of the products you want to purchase. Then, simply click on the “”Check Out”” button and follow the simple instructions that will walk you through the checkout process.

How to Use a Coupon

If you have joined our e-mail list by signing up for our Bargain Alerts and/or you are a Registered Customer you will periodically receive coupons good for discounts, delivering specials, etc. Each coupon has a Coupon Code (such as the word FABRIC or TEN or HAPPY), which must be entered during the checkout process in the box marked “”Enter Coupon Code””. After entering the code, click the “”Apply”” button and you will see the appropriate discount applied to your order.

Please Note:
We only accept one coupon per order. If you have been sent multiple coupons, please select the one that is most advantageous for you and enter that one. If you attempt to enter multiple coupons, you will receive no discount. We are unable to apply coupons retroactively. Once an order has been delivered, we cannot go back and retroactively apply a coupon.

Order Minimums

The minimum order for fabric is 1 yard. We offer a generous cut in which we add an inch to every yard to ensure our accuracy.

While we always attempt to maintain a substantial in-stock quantity for all of our products, it is possible that we may have less in-stock quantity for a particular fabric than you want to order. If it is a reorderable fabric (meaning we can get more from our supplier), when you attempt to order a quantity greater than we have in-stock, you will see a note in the shopping cart advising you that the item will be backordered for you. We will NOT deliver you what we have in stock and then deliver the balance when it arrives because of dye-lot variations. We will deliver you the entire amount that you want for that item when it arrives. If you have ordered multiple items and some of them are immediately available from our inventory, we will deliver those to you immediately and send you the back ordered item(s) when it arrives. Do not worry about being double billed for delivering charges. Our system ensures that does not occur.

Please Note:
Some of our fabrics are not reorderable as they are Special Purchases (we cannot get more from our supplier). Those products cannot be back ordered. In that case, you can decide whether the quantity we have in stock is adequate to meet your needs.

Order Adjustments

We are committed to delivering Superior Customer Service. If you place an order with us and decide later that day that you want to make a change to your order (you ordered 2 yards and later realize you need 3 yards, for example), contact our customer service department and let us know how we can help you. If your order has not already been processed, we are more than happy to assist with your request. If your order has already been processed, we will not be able to make any adjustments. Should that occur, we will be happy to assist you with placing an additional order.