Stylish African Print Dresses – 5 Fabulous Styles We Love

The African print dresses have proven they are here to stay and the styles and designs just keep getting better by the day. The styles are breathtaking and can be worn by women of different body shapes and still look fabulous. The African print is elegant, unique and flexible for different designs. We have compiled a few stylish African print dresses that we love just to give you a couple of ideas to choose from for your next outfit.

Stylish African Print Dresses to Wear to Any Occasion.

1. Mermaid dresses

The mermaid dresses are beautiful and get to reveal the African woman’s body shape in the best and elegant of ways. The dress is usually long to the ankles or even flowing to the ground and may be sewn into different designs at the top to add more style to it.

2. The midi dress

The midi dress round the in shape and flows to the mid part of your legs hence the name “midi”. The dress is usually very elegant and can be worn to various social gatherings. To bring out the best look with the dress, you ought to pair it with a classy pair of heels and clutch bag to complete the look.

3. Turtleneck dresses

Turtle neck dresses are designed to cover up the neckline similar to the pull neck design. These dresses most of the times are fitted with embroideries around the neck and chest area to add to them glamour. If you happen to have one with no embroidery you can invest in good neck pieces to style up with the turtleneck dress.

4. Mini dresses

African short dresses aren’t always long and flowy as some people tend to think. The fabric can be used to design short and fabulous dresses. The mini African print dresses can be worn to parties, weddings or any other social gatherings as long as you are confident enough to show off the legs.

5. African-print gowns

The gowns have become more popular over time are worn to weddings, red carpet events or traditional marriage ceremonies. They are elegant and can be designed in many different ways to bring out the best looks. You can add a head wrap to bring out a complete look of the outfit.

These stylish African print dresses give you the options to wear anything you want that accents your vogue. As long you pair them with the right accessories, you’ll certainly savor every single glance.


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